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See only what matters. No more. No less.

A city break is hard to get right because in most cities there is simply too much to see and you don't really know what is worth seeing and what is not.

Usually, the research is time and nerve consuming because most of the travel sites and blogs are cluttered with noise (just look at that Top 360 things to do in Warsaw, Poland , how are normal people supposed to decide?)

Here, at Citybreak with me!, we develop and maintain a collection with cities with their main attractions that are worth seeing and the best local restaurants where you can experience the local cuisine.

For each city, we keep a short list of about 10 interest points and 10 local restaurants through which you can capture the city's essence.

See only what matters. No more. No less.

The most popular countries to visit

France France's flag
Wine and croissants.
Poland Poland's flag
An amazing revival
Romania Romania's flag
Explore the Carpathian Garden

The most popular cities to visit

The European Capital of Culture of 2013.
Capital of France.
Largest city of the Grand Est region
The former capital of Poland.
The capital of Poland.
The capital of Romania.